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 IH-C  Capillary Diaphragm Pressure Gauge
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IH-C Capillary Diaphragm Pressure Gauge

With Contacts
Description :


    • Pressure Gauges Used With Diaphragm Seals Are When The Pressure Measuring Instrument's Sensing Element Should Not Come In Contact With The Process Medium.  While Connecting A Capillary Tube Is Because The Pressure Gauges Can Be Located For Better Operator VisibilityWith Contacts, It Can Be Used As An electrical Circuit Switch To Avoid Equipment Breakdown From High Switch Frequency.  These Gauges Can Be Configured For A 1NO+1NC Output Or A 1NO Or 1NC. 
    • Diaphragms Are Available With 9 Types Based On User's Request As Described In The Diaphragm Part.
    • Pressure Range = -76cmhg ~0~ 1000kg/Cm2 (InHg / Psi)
    • Material = Gauge Case, Bezel : SUS304;  Wetted Parts: SUS316 Or Brass 
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